Ny jr/sr-trener på plass!

RaphaelDet er en glede å meddele at vi endelig har en ny jr/sr-trener på plass i BSK. Raphael Ferrand har nettopp kommet til Oslo for å slutte seg til oss i klubben. Raphael vil være med på klubmesterskapet i helgen. Han blir også med på festen så jeg anbefaler alle å ta turen for å hilse ham velkommen.

Her er noen ord fra Raphael selv


Hey Bækkeleget,
I’m Raphael, the new coach. I just arrived yesterday and I’m really excited with all this.
I won’t make it long, and I hope we’ll be able to talk in person this weekend or during the next trainings.

To make it short : I come the french Alps and I started orienteering when I was a teenager. I studied coaching and physical training. My studies work and life made me move and live in different places : from the warm Italy, Sardegna and Colombia to the «slightly cooler» Scotland, Canada and now Oslo.

We have a few weeks until we start the winter training  season. This is a crucial time because it is now we build next spring results, not one week before the race. It is with good repetitions, focusing on the decisive points that we will push our level up. Perfection is a habit. And it is during the cold and dark winter that we build it. There is no secret, just hard work. And more important : entertaining trainings, I hope 😉

I invite everyone of you who have questions, requests or just want to talk about something to come and meet me. Especially before we start again the trainings.

Once again, I’m really happy to be here and to start this new season full of maps, sweat and flags, with you.
Sees snart !

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