Trainings and info for jr/sr week 49:

Tuesday 2/12:
This Tuesday we will do O’intervals, with some extra loops to take on the way, focusing on specific goals like offensive orienteering, contours, or detailed circle visualisation.18h30 sharp & ready, Skullerud

Thursday 4/12:
This Thursday we will do some speed & jumps courses, followed by intervals (2x10x300m I=95% R=35»). 18h00 ready, Bislett

– don’t forget to sign up for January XC-skiing training camp – sign up here:
– and for February Portugal Training Camp. From 13th to 22nd at latest. Starting the week with the WRE POM and then trainings, trainings, and some more trainings Sand dunes and rocky maps. sign up here:
– Saturday 13/12 morning (in a week and a half) we will do a sprint training in Lamberseter.


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