Trainings and info for jr/sr week 50:

Tuesday 9/12: Technical training, Skullerud – We will start with a forked interval to improve our relay skills, followed by a course designed to work on our fluidity and speed-exits. 18h30 sharp & ready, Skullerud

Thursday 11/12: Intervals Bislett – This Thursday we will do agility courses, sprints series and interval 10×30»/30»-10×45/15-10×30/30. 18h00 ready

– Skullerud is great and nobody hides in the dark. For those who seems to be too afraid to come and join us don’t worry, everything is fine there 🙂 Especially the guys seems to be afraid to come. So come and join our few guys lost in our nice group of brave and motivated girls.
– No sprint training next week-end as there is a sprint competition organised in Oslo
– Next week is the last training week before Christmas. And so we’ll remain after Tuesday training 16th of December to have dinner at Skullerud.


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