Trainings and info for jr/sr week 51:

Tuesday 16/12:
This Tuesday we will focus on mass-start, forkings, and lead/group management. We’ll do some Las-Vegas relay intervals.
And after training we stay at Skullerudstua for a nice dinner!
18h30 sharp & ready, Skullerud

Thursday 18/12:
This Thursday we will start with some agility-jumps-ppg exercises ; followed by our beloved intervals :
this week it’s going to be shorter but very intense : 10x400m. Intensity = Michael Johnson speed
18h00 ready, Bislett

– Don’t forget to tell us if you want to be part of the BSK teams in the big relays.
– This coming week is the last week before Christmas break. Then we will start again trainings on Tuesday 6th of January.

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